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ISO certified 9001 & 14001

What we really do?

We make high-quality, plastic foil based products designed to help people better organise their lives – at work and in the home.

Experts in adhesive and foil technologies, we are focused on innovation, quality and sustainability.

Our aim is to develop products that add value for our stakeholders and partners.

We are reducing our packaging needs. Where possible, we use only FSC paper and recycled packaging material.

Our actions

3L Office Products is an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company.

Our competent employees work to value adding procedures designed to optimise and standardise quality and service levels.

We work in close cooperation with our suppliers, carrying out audits to ensure that quality levels, working conditions and environmental controls are of the highest standard.

All our paper and cardboard is recycled.

Our products

Our adhesives know-how combined with use of the best raw materials means that we are able to provide our partners with a wide range of extremely durable and archive safe products.

97% of our products are manufactured using environmentally responsible PP and PET, instead of PVC. Our adhesives are solvent free and pH neutral.

All our products are quality controlled in our laboratory to ensure a consistency of quality that meets our own stringent production requirements.

Business Card Pockets
Filing Products
Cold Lamination
Label Holders
Signage Pockets