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Self-laminating Cards

  • No machine required
  • Made of PP and PE-LD
  • Cold lamination product
  • Available in 6 different formats

No tools or laminating machine required.
Laminate everything from business cards to small signs quickly and easily.

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Made from environmentally friendly PET. Solvent free and pH neutral adhesives.Portrait formatLandscape formatTop or side loading

No machine required!

  • Protects valuable documents from dust, dirt and degradation.
  • No tools or laminating machine required.
  • Laminate everything from business cards to small signs quickly and easily.
  • Guarantees professional presentation of documents and photographs.
  • Protects originals, identification cards, and other important documents from losing their color, and keeps them sealed away from dust, dirt, grease, stains and moisture.
  • Copy-safe lamination: does not harm laminated material, no ink bleeding or migrating.
  • Environment-safe: made from environment safe Polypropylene without any plasticizers.
  • Cold lamination product using long life adhesive selected for its archival application.
  • Available in 6 different formats: 54×86 mm, 66×100 mm, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3.
  • Made of rigid PET foil combined with self-adhesive PP foil.
SKU: 11011 Category:
3L Self-laminating Cards1101154 x 86 mmTransparent10
3L Self-laminating Cards1101454 x 86 mmTransparent100
3L Self-laminating Cards1102166 x 100 mmTransparent10
3L Self-laminating Cards1102466 x 100 mmTransparent100
3L Self-laminating Cards11031A7Transparent10
3L Self-laminating Cards11034A7Transparent100
3L Self-laminating Cards11037A6Transparent50
3L Self-laminating Cards11042A5Transparent10
3L Self-laminating Cards11043A5Transparent50
3L Self-laminating Cards11051A4Transparent10
3L Self-laminating Cards11054A4Transparent100
3L Self-laminating Cards170-30270A3Transparent100
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Recycling potential

Recycling potential if the products are disposed of as individual components or ordinary waste.

Bulky waste 25.7%
Specific waste 78.6%

Bulky waste: Recycling potential if product is disposed of as ordinary waste.

Specific waste: Recycling potential if the product is disposed of as individual components (PP, PET, metal, paper, cardboard, etc.)


54 x 86 mm, 66 x 100 mm, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7




50, 10, 100

Made in


Material thickness

200 µ

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