Self-laminating Labels

Self-laminating Labels

  • Self-lamination
  • PET
Self-laminating Labels

The easy way to mark and identify a wide variety of office accessories, files and diaries. A protective plastic film covers the label and keeps out dirt, dust and moisture. Available in 4 different formats. No laminating machine required.

  • Item ref.DescriptionSize mmPack
    7401-30 Self-laminating Labels 20 x 60 30
    7402-32 Self-laminating Labels 25 x 40 32
    7403-18 Self-laminating Labels 40 x 60 18
    7404-8 Self-laminating Labels 60 x 80 8
  • LAM-P3
  • Laminating-Labels
  • Bulky waste: Recycling potential if product is disposed of as ordinary waste.
    Bulky waste: 32,3%
    Specific waste: Recycling potential if the product is disposed of as individual components (PP, PET, metal, paper, cardboard, etc.).
    Specific waste: 49,7%

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 Store, organise and protect.


 Categorise, index and annotate.


 Identify, name and communicate.