Self-laminating Tags

Self-laminating Tags

  • With inserts and cords
  • Self-lamination
  • PET
  • Self-laminating Tags
Self-laminating Tags

Secure and durable identification of your belongings. Easily attached to small as well as large items. Write inserts by hand, or print them using our free Insert Maker software. No laminating machine required. Available in 2 different formats.

  • Item ref.DescriptionSize mmPack
    11115 Self-laminating Tags with inserts and cords, black 29 x 50 10
    11121 Self-laminating Tags with A5 insert sheets and cords, clear 72 x 123 10
    19505 A5 Insert sheets for Self-laminating Tags 56 x 90 80
  • ID-P25
  • Minitag
  • 3L INSERT MAKER is a free, online application that lets you quickly and easily design professional inserts for a wide range of 3L products. Make use of the many included templates, or design your own insert from scratch, using easy to use tools to insert backgrounds, illustrations and logos.

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  • Bulky waste: Recycling potential if product is disposed of as ordinary waste.
    Bulky waste: 17%
    Specific waste: Recycling potential if the product is disposed of as individual components (PP, PET, metal, paper, cardboard, etc.).
    Specific waste: 47,9%

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