Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags

  • With inserts and nylon cords
  • Self-lamination
  • PET
Luggage Tags

Designed so your personal information cannot be read by passers by. Once the tag has been sealed and folded, only your name is visible. The inserts can be written by hand or using a typewriter. Water and moisture resistant. No laminating machine required.

  • Item ref.DescriptionSize mmPack
    11110 Luggage Tags 40 x 165 4
  • ID-P9
  • Luggage-Tags
  • Bulky waste: Recycling potential if product is disposed of as ordinary waste.
    Bulky waste: 25,7%
    Specific waste: Recycling potential if the product is disposed of as individual components (PP, PET, metal, paper, cardboard, etc.).
    Specific waste: 72%

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