MiniTabs, repositionable

MiniTabs, repositionable

  • Repositionable
  • PET
MiniTabs, repositionable

Ideal for marking important pages in documents or books. Repositionable and writable without the text becoming smudged.

  • Item ref.DescriptionSize mmPack
    10524 MiniTabs Classic-colours 12 x 10 80
    10525 MiniTabs White 12 x 10 80
  • INDEX-P7
  • Minitabs
  • Bulky waste: Recycling potential if product is disposed of as ordinary waste.
    Bulky waste: 39,7%
    Specific waste: Recycling potential if the product is disposed of as individual components (PP, PET, metal, paper, cardboard, etc.).
    Specific waste: 61%


 Store, organise and protect.


 Categorise, index and annotate.


 Identify, name and communicate.