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We are sponsoring Team Rynkeby

The world's largest charity cycling team and The Child cancer foundation.

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Wo immer möglich, werden die Produkte hergestellt als umweltfreundlich, wie sie sein kann.

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3L. New look. New ambitions.

We have a new visual identity, designed to make us stand out from the crowd and makes it easier for you to see what we have to offer. Reflecting our commitment to innovation and caring for the environment, this new, modern, cleaner design is Keep it simple expressed graphically!

Why the new look?

Our new visual identity is more than just packaging. Our goal is to highlight our specialist role in the office products sector as a flexible, environmentally-friendly and innovative partner.

Our vision is to be the most environmentally-friendly supplier of office products – for your benefit and for ours. Created with our new biodegradable PLA
product line in mind, the new look showcases our new cross category environmental profile, created to launch us into the future!

New design

The new look incorporates the geometrical form of our products – high and low-sided rectangles as well as circles – shapes that reflect our products form and function – and we've used a recycled cardboard texture in the background to draw attention to our green profile.


New logo

We've also got a new logo!

Formed as an arrow to show you'll find what you need with us, our new logo is both bookmark and navigator, designed to express the essence of our product portfolio: to organise and to localise.


New product categories

Our products are now in three categories:
Save it, Mark it og Name it - making it easy for you to select the product you need:

  • save-test




  • mark-test



Save it, Mark it and Name it reflect our Keep it simple philosophy.

To help identify each category, we've chosen three eye-catching colours easily recognisable to the office products sector.


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